Classics in the History of Psychology

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Outlines of Psychology

Wilhelm Max Wundt (1897)

Translated by Charles Hubbard Judd (1897)


1. Problem of Psychology
2. General Theories of Psychology
3. Methods of Psychology
4. General Survey of the Subject

I. Psychical Elements

5. Chief Forms and General Attributes of Psychical Elements
6. Pure Sensations
7. Simple Feelings

II. Psychical Compounds

8. Definition and Classification of Psychical Compounds
9. Intensive Ideas
10. Spacial Ideas
11. Temporal Ideas
12. Composite Feelings
13. Emotions
14. Volitional Processes

III. Interconnections of Psychical Compounds

15. Consciousness and Attention
16. Associations
17. Apperceptive Combinations
18. Psychical States

IV. Psychical Developments

19. Psychical Attributes of Animals
20. Psychical Development of the Child
21. Development of Mental Communities

V. Psychical Causality and Its Laws

22. Concept of Mind
23. Psychological Laws of Relations
24. Psychological Laws of Development