Classics in the History of Psychology
Special Collections

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Christopher D. Green
York University, Toronto, Ontario
ISSN 1492-3713

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Classics Special Collections are sets of documents focused on a particular topic in the history of psychology. Each Special Collection is edited by a professional in the field who brings together a number of related and historically-signficant primary source documents, interspersing them with short essays setting them in their intellectual, institutional, and broader social contexts.

Completed Special Collections

1. Institutions of Early Experimental Psychology: Laboratories, Courses, Journals, and Associations
Edited by Christopher D. Green, York University, Ontario

Special Collections Currently Under Construction

2. An Historical View of Some Early Women Psychologists and the Psychology of Women
Edited by Katharine S. Milar, Earlham College, Indiana

3. The Origins of and Debate Between Structuralism and Functionalism
Edited by Christopher D. Green, York University, Ontario

Forthcoming Special Collections

4. The Rise and Fall of Early Experimental Aesthetics
Edited by John Benjafield, Brock University, Ontario