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Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the
American Psychological Association

Princeton, N.J., 1894

Report of the Secretary and Treasurer for 1894.

James McKeen Cattell (1895)
First published in Psychological Review, 2, 149-152.

Posted October 2000

The third annual meeting of the American Psychological Association was held at Princeton College, Princeton, N. J., on Dec. 27 and 28, 1894. Prof. William James, President of the Association, presided over the sessions, which lasted from 10.30 A.M. on Dec. 27 to 4.30 P.M. on Dec. 28. President Patton, of Princeton College, made an address of welcome on Thursday afternoon, and entertained the members of the Association in the evening, after the address of the President of the Association. Abstracts of the papers read at the meeting are subjoined. Papers by Prof. Starr and Prof. Hume were presented in the absence of their authors, and papers offered by Prof. Jastrow, Prof. Delabarre, Prof. Titchener, Mr. Pierce and Dr. Witmer were not read. The members in attendance were: Alexander, Baldwin, Cattcll, Chrysostom, Farrand, Myslop, Franklin, James, Ladd, MacDonald, Marshall, Mead, Mezes, Mills, Miller, Newbold, Ormond, Pace, Royce, Sanford, Strong, Warren -- twenty-two in all. In addition, the sessions were well attended by professors and advanced students from the different universities and colleges.

The following nominations for membership were made by the council, and the elections were made by the Association :

Prof. Archibald Alexander,

New York.

Dr. John Bigham,

University of Michigan.

Prof. Charles L. Dana,

Bellevue Medical College.

[p. 150]

Mr. E. A. Kirkpatrick,

Winona, Minn.

Dr. A. Kirschmann,

University of Toronto.

Prof. S, E. Mezes,

University of Texas.

Mr. W. T. Shaw,

Wesleyan University.

Prof. James Seth,

Brown University.

Prof. Paul Shorey,

University of Chicago.

Prof. H. M. Stanley,

Lake Forest University.

Miss M. Washburn,

Wells College.


A constitution was adopted, as follows:


ART. I. Object. -- The object of the Association is the advancement of Psychology as a science. Those are eligible for membership who are engaged in this work.

ART. II. The Council. -- A Council shall be elected from the members of the Association as an executive. The Council shall consist of six members, two being elected annually for a term of three years. The President shall be ex-officio a member of the Council. The Council shall nominate officers for the Association shall nominate new members, and shall make other recommendations concerning the conduct of the Association. The resolutions of the Council shall be brought before the Association and decided by a majority vote.

ART. III. Officers. -- There shall be annually nominated by the Council and elected by the Association a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who shall perform the usual duties of these officers.

ART. IV. Annual Subscription. -- The annual subscription shall be $3, in advance. Non-payment of dues for two consecutive years shall be considered as equivalent to resignation from the Association.

ART. V. Executive Committee. -- The President, the Secretary, and a member from the place where the meeting is held, shall be a committee to make necessary arrangements for the annual meeting. [p. 151]

ART. VI. Proceedings. -- Such proceedings shall be printed by the Secretary as the Association may direct.

ART. VII. Amendments. -- Amendments to the Constitution must be adopted by a majority vote at two consecutive annual meetings.

As prescribed by the Constitution, a Council was elected as follows:

Term expiring 1897:

Prof. G. T. Ladd, Yale University.
Prof. J. McKeen Cattell, Columbia College.

Term expiring 1896:

Prof. J. Mark Baldwin, Princeton College.
Prof. William James, Harvard University.

Term expiring 1895:

Prof. John Dewey, University of Chicago.
Prof. G. S. Fullerton, University of Pennsylvania.

Prof. J. McKeen Cattell was elected President and Prof. E. C. Sanford Secretary and Treasurer for the coming year.

An invitation was received from the American Society of Naturalists, inviting the Association to affiliate with it. The question was referred to the Council, with power to act. Invitations were received for the meeting of 1895 from Harvard University and the University of Chicago. The decision as to place of meeting was left with the Council, with the recommendation that the convention meet, if possible, at the same time and place as the Society of Naturalists. It was resolved that the minutes should be printed in such journals as were prepared to print them in full.

The report of the Treasurer is as follows:

Receipts :

Balance on hand, . . . . . .$69.50
2 dues, 1893, . . . . . . . . . . 6.00
38 dues, 1894, . . . . . . . 114.00
Sales of Proceedings, . . . . 1.60
----------------------------------- $191.10 [p. 152]

Expenditures :

Printing Proceedings for 1893, as per
  Messrs. Macmillan & Co.'s voucher,  $55.93
Postage, expressage and stationery, . . . .  8.00
                                                              --------   $63.93
          Balance on hand,                                          $127.17

The account was audited by the Council and approved.


Secretary, 1894.