Classics in the History of Psychology

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The Principles of Psychology

William James (1890)

Volume 1

Chapter 1. The Scope of Psychology
Chapter 2. The Functions of the Brain
Chapter 3. On Some General Conditions of Brain Activity
Chapter 4. Habit

Chapter 5. The Automaton Theory
Chapter 6. The Mind-Stuff Theory
Chapter 7. The Methods and Snares of Psychology
Chapter 8. The Relations of Minds to Other Things

Chapter 9. The Stream of Thought
Chapter 10. The Consciousness of Self
Chapter 11. Attention
Chapter 12. Conception

Chapter 13. Discrimination and Comparison
Chapter 14. Association
Chapter 15. The Perception of Time
Chapter 16. Memory

Volume 2

Chapter 17. Sensation
Chapter 18. Imagination
Chapter 19. The Perception of 'Things'
Chapter 20. The Perception of Space

Chapter 21. The Perception of Reality
Chapter 22. Reasoning
Chapter 23. The Production of Movement
Chapter 24. Instinct

Chapter 25. The Emotions
Chapter 26. Will
Chapter 27. Hypnotism
Chapter 28. Necessary Truths and the Effects of Experience