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An Essay Analytic and Experimental

By Mary Whiton Calkins (1896)

First published in Psychological Review Monograph Supplement, 1, No. 2.


The tables and most of the text of Part II. of this mono graph are reprinted from the PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW Of January, 1896. The additions, of which some are quotations from an article in the REVIEW Of January, I895, include comments and statements of detail, so that the record in its present form is the only complete report of the experiments described. Some of the conclusions reached by the analysis attempted in Part I. were formulated in a paper printed in the Philosophical Review of June, 1892, but the present discussion is an independent one.

The writer takes this occasion to acknowledge gratefully the inspiration and direction in psychological study, received from her teachers and friends, Professors Hugo Münsterberg and William James, of Harvard University, and Professor Edmund C. Sanford, of Clark University.