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Letter to the Editor

James Mark Baldwin (1891)

First published in American Journal of Psycholog, 3, 593.

Posted August 2000

To the Editor,

May I ask your aid in making the following announcement? A grant has been made for the equipment of the laboratory for experimental psychology at the Toronto University, and I should be glad to correspond with students or investigators who are projecting researches in any branch of this subject. Apparatus which they need may be purchased from this grant, to be used by such investigators in the laboratory. The intention is to make the laboratory as useful as possible for the advancement of the Science, and it is thought that this utility may be best served by aiding a few who may be hindered in original research by lack of Facilities.

The appropriateness and importance of such researches and the advisability of undertaking them under this grant will, in each case, rest with the Department of Psychology here.

If in time the results should warrant it, I assume the responsibility of saying that the expense of publishing them will be met by the Department of Education of the Provincial Government Application should be made as early as possible.

Yours truly,


Toronto University

Toronto, Ont.