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Notes and News

Frederick J. E. Woodbridge (1904)
First published in Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods, 1, 27-28.

Posted September 2000

In so far as an explanation or even an excuse may be needed for the establishment of a new journal, it is hoped that this may be given by the contents and form of the first number of THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY AND SCIENTIFIC METHODS. There are in Germany 'Centralblätter'[sic] for nearly all the sciences, and there are in all countries 'trade journals' for the applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. But there exists no journal covering the whole field of scientific philosophy, psychology, ethics and logic, appearing at frequent intervals and appealing directly to the interests of all professional students. It is a matter of importance at the present time that the relations between philosophy and psychology should remain intimate, and that the fundamental methods and concepts of the special sciences, now receiving attention on all sides, should be kept in touch with philosophy in its historic development. What may be accomplished by the prompt publication of short contributions is demonstrated by the Comptes Rendus of the Paris academy, whose four-page articles cover nearly the whole scientific activity of France. A fortnightly journal is particularly suited for discussion, the interval being just long enough to permit of questions and answers. Finally the special function of such a journal is the quick and complete publication of reviews and abstracts of the literature. It seems evident [p. 28] that a journal on these lines will cooperate with the existing reviews of philosophy and psychology. The plan has received the approval and support of the leading American students of philosophy and psychology.


The American Psychological Association held last week its meeting at St. Louis under the presidency of Dr. Bryan. Professor William James, Harvard University, was elected for the second time president of the association. This honor was conferred upon him again after a lapse of ten years as an exceptional recognition of the unique place he holds among American psychologists. Professor Münsterberg, Harvard University, and Dr. Henry Rutgers Marshall, New York City, were elected as new members of the council.

A British Journal of Psychology will be edited by Professor James Ward and Dr. W. H. R. Rivers, of Cambridge University, with the co-operation of Messrs. W. McDougall, C. S. Myers, A. F. Shand, C. S. Sherrington and W. G. Smith. The first number will be published in January by the Cambridge University Press and the parts will thereafter be issued at irregular intervals, about 450 pages constituting a volume, the price of which is 15s.

The Wilde readership in mental philosophy at Oxford, vacant by the removal of Mr. G. S. Stout to accept the professorship of logic and metaphysics at St. Andrews, has been filled by the election of Mr. William McDougall, now reader in experimental psychology at University College, London. Dr. W. G. Smith, who was appointed last year to the recently established lectureship on experimental psychology at Ring's College, London, has resigned to accept a similar position at the University of Liverpool. The council of Ring's College has elected to the post, Dr. C. S. Myers, of Cambridge. Dr. Smith was some time since instructor at Smith College, and Dr. Myers has recently visited the psychological laboratories of the United States.

At a meeting of the Trustees of Columbia University, on January 4, 1904, Professor George Stuart Fullerton, of the University of Pennsylvania, was appointed professor of philosophy in Columbia University. Professor Fullerton is at present in Munich engaged in research work.

Professor Kuno Fischer, now in his eightieth year, has retired from active duty as professor of philosophy in the University of Heidelberg.

Dr. Chas. H. Judd has been made acting director of the Yale Psychological Laboratory for the present year at the same time an advisory committee on the laboratory has been appointed consisting of Professors Ladd, Duncan and Sneath.

We regret to record the death of Dr. Arthur Alllin, head of the department of psychology and pedagogy of the University of Colorado.