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Symposium on the Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis

First published in Psychological Review, 48, 337-366.

I. "The Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis" by Neal E. Miller

II. "Non-Aggressive reactions to frustration" by Robert R. Sears

III. "Need-Persistive and Ego-Defensive Reactions to Frustration as Demonstrated by an Experiment Repression" by Saul Rosenzweig

IV. "The Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis and Culture" by Gregory Bateson [Belorussian translation by Bohdan Zograf]

V. "The Hostile Act" by David M. Levy

VI. "Frustration Phenomena in the Social and Political Sphere" by George W. Hartmann

VII. "Deprivation, Threat and Frustration" by A. H. Maslow