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In response to an invitation issued by President G. Stanley Hall of Clark University, a preliminary meeting of psychologists from various institutions was held at that university, Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 8, 1892.

The meeting was presided over by Professor G. S. Fullerton of the University of Pennsylvania. After a general expression of opinion as to the form of organization, it was determined to refer the entire matter to a Committee consisting of

President HALL of Clark University,

Professor FULLERTON of the University of Pennsylvania,
Professor JASTROW of the University of Wisconsin,
Professor JAMES of Harvard University,
Professor LADD of Yale University,
Professor CATTELL of Columbia College,
Professor BALDWIN of the University of Toronto.

This Committee was authorized to determine the place, time, and programme for the next meeting and then to report a plan of organization.

It was the sense of those present that these gentlemen should constitute a council to be renewed by frequent elections and should choose from their own number an Executive Committee to direct the more urgent affairs of the Association, and that the first three gentlemen named should act temporarily as such committee.

Sessions were held in the afternoon and evening, at which papers were read by Professors Jastrow, Sanford, and Bryan, and Doctors Nichols, Krohn, and Gilman. It was decided in response to an invitation from Professor Fullerton to hold the next meeting of the Association [p. 2] in Philadelphia, at the University of Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, December 29, 1892.

Professor Jastrow was appointed secretary to provide a programme for that meeting. He invites all members to submit to him at Madison, Wisconsin, titles of papers with brief abstracts and estimates of time required for presentation.

The original members who were either present at this meeting or sent letters of approval and accepted membership are the following:

Angell, Frank, Leland Stanford, Jr., University,
Baldwin, J. Mark, Toronto University,
Bryan, W. L., Indiana University,
Burnham, W. H., Clark University,
Cattell, J. McK., Columbia College,
Cowles, Edward, McLean Asylum,
Delabarre, E. B., Brown University
Dewey, John, University of Michigan,
Fullerton, G. S., University of Pennsylvania,
Gilman, B. I., Clark University,
Griffin, E. H., Johns Hopkins University,
Hall, G. Stanley, Clark University,
Hume, J. G. Toronto University,
Hyslop, J. H., Columbia College,
James, William, Harvard University,
Jastrow, Joseph, University of Wisconsin,
Krohn, W. O., Clark University,
Ladd, G. T., Yale University,
Nichols, Herbert, Harvard University,
Noyes, William, McLean Asylum,
Patrick, G. T. W., University of Iowa,
Royce, Josiah, Harvard University,
Sanford, E. C., Clark University,
Scripture, E. W., Yale University,
Witmer, Lightner, University of Pennsylvania,
Wolfe, H. K., University of Nebraska

The following additional members were elected:

Mills, T. Wesley, McGill College, Montreal,
Münsterberg, Hugo, Harvard University,
Ormond, A. T., Princeton College,
Pace, Edward, Catholic University, Washington,
Titchener, E. B., Cornell University.

Professor Jastrow asked the co-operation of all members for the Section of Psychology at the World's Fair, and invited correspondence upon the matter.